Updates Log

All updates to the FFDRAFTPREP Excel tools will be logged on this page. Though a great deal of effort went into finding all bugs before releasing the tools, it’s inevitable that some will crop up over the next couple of months. Currently, the most recent versions of each […]

2018 Tools Have Been Released

I’m really excited to announce that this year’s tools have been released! Thanks to everyone that checked out the site in the past and especially those of you donated last year! You helped to keep the site afloat and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! […]

Should We Still Use Zero-RB?

I promised that we’d review 2016, post mortem, look ahead to 2017 and determine if we should still employ Zero-RB. Since I’m struggling to find time to record a podcast, this article will have to do for the time being.

The Tools are Now Available

Both the 2017 Research and 2017 Draft tools are now available. An insane amount of work went into each of these tools. As you’d likely expect, the Draft tool took significantly longer to finish. Building an intelligent set of logic for the computer to use when drafting players […]

2017 Update!!!

Skip ahead to paragraph three if uninterested in any background information. “it will possess mock draft capabilities in which the spreadsheet will intelligently draft for opposing teams…” If you’re a regular reader of the site or a podcast listener, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve been on a long fantasy football […]