Welcome to 2016

2016 Draft Dashboard

Hello and welcome to FFDRAFTPREP.  We hope that our returning users had an awesome 2015 and we’re really excited to get new users ready to dominate the coming season.

 The site has been revamped, the tools tweaked and we’re heading into 2016 more ready than ever to dominate.  The Draft Dashboard, which has been substantially improved, will be released in mid June and the Research Dashboard will be available shortly.

 Additionally, we have published another book as well as a 2016 Player Guide.  Both are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  PDF versions will be posted on the site soon.

 We’re really excited to announce that we will be starting a podcast aimed at getting users
ready for 2016 drafts, up to speed on major developments, and familiar with changes in the fantasy landscape as we head into the coming season.  If there are any topics you would like to learn more about or questions you have for the show please shoot an email to

We’re looking forward to interacting with our users and having a lot of fun on the pod!

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