Tiers are not Created Equal

Just a quick note, but if you’re one of the super smart fantasy players who will be using the draft dashboard, reading this post will be extremely important.  As you have gathered by now, the use of tiers is one of the cornerstones of my drafting philosophy and one of the key elements of the Draft Dashboard.

Tiering players is an exercise in which we bucket players, of a particular position, into groups in which all players are representative of similar values based upon a variety of factors and inputs unique to a given player.  The important distinction here is that the similar value of the players in a tier only relates to the position in question.  Therefore, a tier 3 RB does not necessarily possess the same value as a tier 3 WR.  When drafting, remember to consider each position and the tiers it contains as a unique entity.

Tiers are different across positions for a variety of reason but some of the prominent ones are listed below:

  • The rate at which talent falls off at each position
  • Number of players available in specific tiers
  • Total amount of players from each position that will be started in league
  • Scarcity of projected waiver wire options during regular season

The important thing to remember is that we want to maximize and optimize our team.  Achieving this goal is not necessarily reached by structuring your roster so that you have the best average of starters available at each position.  In many cases, it’s far more advantageous to ensure you have depth at RB and WR before picking the tier 2 QBs or TEs that may be available.

We’ll be talking about this in greater depth in an upcoming episode of the FFDRAFTPREP podcast, so if you’re looking for further clarification be sure to check out the pod.  Just remember,

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