A Really Nice Testimonial

Last week I received a very nice message from a fantasy player named Mike who lives in Minnesota.  He used the 2015 version of the Draft Dashboard last season and we exchanged a number of emails in the weeks leading up to his draft.  Here is what he had to say:

I just wanted to tell you that by using your information and spreadsheet I took 1st and 2nd in my two leagues. I have been playing since J. Elway was a rookie. (Yes, I am old) But my point is that YOU GUYS ROCK!!

PLEASE hook me up this year again!!

After thanking him for the message, which I really can’t express how much I appreciated I asked if he’d like to provide a testimonial for the site.  He continued:

Great to hear from you Dave.

 I really did have a fun year last year. I have always been like 90+% of the guys in our leagues and picked RB-RB in the first 2 rounds but I took your advice and grabbed my WR’s early while everyone else was on RB’s. As I said before that worked extremely well! I took 1st in 1 league and 2nd in another. I need to add that if OBJ would have played against the Vikings in week 16 I would have won the other league also. 

Also, by using FFDRAFTPREP, it was by far the most fun I ever had drafting. And I have been through a lot of drafts. I started playing FFB so long ago that in my first draft one of the other owners picked John Elway when Elway was a rookie. LOL.

There were multiple reasons why drafting last year was so fun. I finally felt like I knew what I was doing. The spreadsheet is extremely informative and easy to use. I used to be the guy at the draft that has multiple papers with rankings and with no fail, when it came to my pick, I was never ready. I would use the entire clock and panic pick at the end. Not anymore! It made the draft fun and relaxing and it was nice having the feeling that you are organized and confident with your picks!!

Sorry I get so long winded. I can go on and on praising your product! It works AWESOME!!

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Thanks Again and keep in touch! 

What’s really funny is that John Elway was drafted by the Broncos in 1983, four years before I was born.

I’m looking forward to helping more players in the coming season and am always happy to help our users out in preparing for their drafts and learning how to get the most out of the tool!  I generally develop a bit of a back log as the season approaches so please reach out to me as far in advance of your draft as possible.

If any of returning customers would like to add to Mike’s comments please let me know!

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