Draft Dashboard FAQs


Below are some commonly asked questions we’ve received from prospective and current users. In the event that you have a question not answered below feel free to send an email to and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. I might need more time this summer than in prior years. However, odds are the 2017 FFDP Draft Tool User Guide will answer all of your questions! 2017 FFDP Draft Tool User Guide

Both the Research and Draft tool were designed to be used on Windows based PCs running Excel 2010 or newer. Some of the features may not work if you are using a different operating system or older version of Excel. Though releases in the prior year did work on macs, a number of new features have been added for 2017. As I no longer have access to a mac for testing, I designed the tools specifically for Windows based machines.

Is the draft tool really free?

Yes! I found the customer service side of things to be exhausting last season and with a new baby at home, I doubt I’ll be able to provide the level of support that I would expect of myself. As such, I plan on simply asking for donations from users that enjoy their experience and can appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that I’ve poured into the tool. This will help me to cover fees for web and podcast hosting, player databases, and stat packages, etc. Though I had very few users experience issues last season, I put a great deal of responsibility and pressure on myself to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 99 percent of the (very few) issues that were reported last year stemmed from the users not running through the tutorials, user guide or practicing before their draft. I really enjoy putting the tool together, helping out fantasy players and running the site so to counteract this pressure I’ll simply be asking for donations.

Do you update tier and ADP data throughout the summer?

Yes, absolutely. Updates to tiers will be made for individual players as our stance changes or new information relating to a player’s situation becomes available. ADP data will be updated weekly and in likely twice a week starting in late August. Every time you open the Draft Tool or Research Tool updates will automatically be pulled in.

Can I enter my own ADP, rankings or projections?

The Dashboard allows users to include three metrics of their choosing for all players. This information can be manually entered or imported into the tool from another Excel file. The user guide, included with the download, will walk you through this process. Additionally, you can include your own ADP data in the tool as well as your own tiers.

How do I see more players in the ‘Available Players’ table?

For 2017, you can use the scroll bar to the left of the table to expand your view of available players.

Can the Dashboard incorporate auctions?

The Dashboard was not built with auctions in mind as it was intended to be used for snake and NFL style drafts. It could be useful for tracking available players and organizing data points such as the highest price you’d pay for a player, average selling price, the tier you view a player falling into etc. However, it does not have the ability to allocate players to teams, track the dollars spent by each team etc. Perhaps in a future release we’ll add in these features, but for this year’s release it’s not focused on auctions.

Will the Dashboard work on my phone or tablet?

The Dashboard was built to be used on desktops and laptops running Windows Excel 2010 or newer. As such, it will not function properly on a tablet or phone.

Can I use the Dashboard for multiple drafts?

Yes! The great thing about the tool being housed in Excel is that you can easily save as many versions as you need. This allows you to use the tool for multiple concurrent slow drafts, review prior drafts after they have finished and even save templates pre-configured for a number of upcoming drafts.

My league has keepers and trades, can I include these in the Dashboard?

Absolutely. The user guide, included with the download, will walk you through this process.

Does the Dashboard sync with ESPN, CBS or other sites?

No. The Dashboard does not pull results from your leagues’ draft software or allow you to enter your pick through it. However, entering players as ‘drafted’ is as easy as finding the players name in any of the listing or using the search function, clicking on his name and pressing the draft button. He will then be removed from the listing of available players and all related analysis will update.

What if a player get’s selected that isn’t visible in any of the listings?

Use the search bar at the top of the interface to query a player’s name. As you begin to type his first or last name, suggestions will appear in the below rows. Once his name has been pulled in, you can click on the cell and then use the draft button to identify him as drafted.

Questions received from 2017 Users

  • In last year’s tool I was able to import custom data with VLOOKUP using the player name in the player info tab as the lookup value but that seems to be locked down in this years tool. Is there any way around this so I don’t have to enter in the data manually?

The player names in the info tab are locked but you can still reference them. In the downloaded version of the file, the headings are likely hidden but if you unhide them you’ll be able to see the cell reference for each player name. Then you can manually enter the reference into your lookup. For example, your lookup for the first player in the ‘M1’ column will be(something like): =vlookup(k4,metricA:B,2,false)

  • The last thing is kind of minor but I actually found the “+/-” part on the ADP of Available section of the dashboard really useful for seeing who had dropped past their ADP in last years dashboard. It’s quicker than trying to do the mental math, especially when you’re on the clock and I was wondering if you would consider putting it back in or if there was a specific reason you took it out.
I went back and forth on this a lot. The interesting thing about putting the tool together is that users seem to be split between relative beginners and very experienced players. The smallest user base being those in the middle. Anyway, I think that there’s too much discussion about value in the articles that beginner players read. More specifically, the discussion doesn’t provide a good compass of when value is important or matters. So my fear is a user will see that a certain player should have been taken 25 picks earlier and assume that it’s a no brainer that they should draft him. However, from my perspective, just because a player is a good value it doesn’t mean he should be drafted as it doesn’t necessarily make him the best pick for the team drafting.
Having said that, there is a way to achieve this using the custom metric columns. If using the M1 column, you will subtract Dashboard!j1 from the sourced ADP column. So for the first player listed your formula would be: =Q4-Dashboard!J1


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