FFDP Pod: All About Projections

Listen to the episode!

In this episode of the podcast we cover some news items and discuss how we will now treat Le’Veon Bell, Josh Gordon, Arian Foster, and Anquan Boldin.

In our second segment we discuss projections, why they can be a slippery slope and how Dave incorporates them into his fantasy prep. Plus, we run through a top-down approach to doing projections in order to teach our listeners how to do them more ‘correctly’. We discuss pitfalls, things to keep in mind, shortcomings etc.

During the episode I reference a tool that I pulled together to help me with projections. Here is a screenshot of the tool. As I mention in the episode I recently pulled this together, as such, it won’t be available on the site this year. But it does provide some more insight as to how I work them out.

FFDP Projections for POD

Here’s a full size version of the above pic.

Also, we choose which player of similar options we’d rather own in 2016 and talk about the rookie WRs we’re most excited about for year one.

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