2018 Stat Explorer Download

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System Requirements: In order for the tool to function properly, it needs to be run on Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer on a PC or Mac.

***Please note that all sales are final and refunds will not be granted. Once you have the file, you have access to all of the data within it. This is standard industry practice for products of this nature.***

Terms of Purchase/Use

All rights reserved. This tool and all underlying coding, formula sequence and construction are exclusively owned by FFDRAFTPREP and David M. Caban. The spreadsheet may not be redistributed, copied, altered or used for any commercial purposes without the express consent of the owner. For assistance or other inquiries please contact rotovizexcel@gmail.com. Copyright © 2018 FFDRAFTPREP.

By purchasing this spreadsheet you agree to refrain from the following:
1 – Using any form of scraping, mining or extraction to copy the underlying data included in the tool
2 – Using the spreadsheet or any of it’s components to create a separate product or service
3 – Publishing any of the content contained within the spreadsheet to another website or service without the consent of the owner. (You may use screenshots or snippets of tables and graphs on social media — please include a reference to FFDraftPrep.com. If you would like to reference in an article, please send an email to ffdfraftprep@gmail.com)
4 – Attempting to remove the file’s protection or reveal hidden components

Additionally, you confirm your understanding of the terms of purchase that indicate that refunds will not be permitted.

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