2017 Update!!!

Skip ahead to paragraph three if uninterested in any background information.

“it will possess mock draft capabilities in which the spreadsheet will intelligently draft for opposing teams…”

If you’re a regular reader of the site or a podcast listener, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve been on a long fantasy football hiatus. The last six months have been the busiest of my life (with the exception of the summer of 2011, maybe, in which I took the CPA Exam). But the good news is the move has finished, the major projects at work are winding up and more importantly my daughter, Elise Noël, was born in February! Though I haven’t yet found the time to do any semblance of a review of the 2016 season or start looking ahead to 2017, I have spent the last week or so diligently banging out the 2017 draft tool.

For those of you that are new to the site, I have spent an overwhelming amount of time over the course of the last six or so years learning as much as I possibly can about fantasy football. This endeavor has included spending countless hours reading, listening to every podcast available, pouring over stats and digging deep into just about every fantasy football crevice possible. During this time, I also published a couple of books and started writing for what I believe to be the best fantasy football site in the world, Rotoviz. Additionally, I put well over a thousand hours into a number of homegrown fantasy football tools. All of these tools are housed in Microsoft Excel and though they are technically only spreadsheets, over time they have grown into full fledged applications.

This year, I will for sure be releasing a drafting tool and am hoping that time will present to once again pull together a research tool. Please check out the 2016 Dashboard and 2016 Research Dashboard to get a better idea of what these tools look will like in action.

BIG NEWS: I plan on releasing the Draft Tool completely free of charge. I found the customer service side of things to be exhausting last season and with a new baby at home, I doubt I’ll be able to provide the level of support that I would expect of myself. As such, I plan on simply asking for donations from users that enjoy their experience and can appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that I’ve poured into the tool. This will help me to cover fees for web and podcast hosting, player databases, and stat packages, etc. The tool has yet to be named, as another website launched a product called the “Draft Dashboard” and I received a number of emails regarding it, so to avoid confusion I’ll eventually come up with something new.

Below is a rough draft of what this year’s version will look like. By the way, it will possess mock draft capabilities in which the spreadsheet will intelligently draft for opposing teams.

2017 DD

Stay tuned for more information!

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