2018 Tools Have Been Released

I’m really excited to announce that this year’s tools have been released! Thanks to everyone that checked out the site in the past and especially those of you donated last year! You helped to keep the site afloat and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! I’ll be sending you folks a separate message.

We’re doing things a little differently this year. The tools are going to be made available to all subscribers of RotoViz! Since I started releasing Excel-based tools back in 2014, my hope was to one day be able to reach a larger audience and pair up with an awesome site and keep the possibility of somehow working full-time in the fantasy industry a possibility. The latter is still a ways off but I’m making progress.

Hopefully, you’ve found the tools to be worth purchasing and if you’re interested in doing so, signing up to RotoViz through one of my articles is a great way to get a tremendous value while helping me out at the same time. You’ll get access to all of the FFDRAFTPREP tools as well as the fantastic articles and tools at RotoViz. I’ll be contributing to the site extensively this summer and throughout the regular season.

Of course, you can also purchase without subscribing to RotoViz via the links below:

I’ve also taken over hosting the flagship RotoViz podcast, but am hoping to put out a couple of FFDP pods during the summer as well.

What’s Included in this year’s release?

This year’s suite of tools includes one major addition that I’m really excited about — a weekly stat explorer that will arm you with just about every piece of data you need to manage your team throughout the season. As in year’s past, a Draft Too/Simulator, pre-season research tool, and projection builder are also included! Here’s an excerpt from a post on RotoViz:

This year’s package consists of four tools which you can learn more about here. All four are housed entirely in Microsoft Excel and should be used with versions of Excel from 2010 or newer on PCs and Macs. Don’t be fooled — these tools are much more than spreadsheets and should be thought of as stand-alone applications.

To help you efficiently get ready for the season, the package includes a stat explorer that’s equipped with all the stats you’d expect, some fun bells and whistles, historical projections, fantasy summaries and a whole lot more. The Excel Projection Machine will assist you in building an appropriately put together set of projections and explore player’s ranges of outcomes. The Draft Dashboard will help you to confidently navigate your draft and make optimal decisions while on the clock. And yes, it will help you to prepare by offering full-fledged mock drafts in which you’ll be competing against the computer. The tool is highly customizable and can accommodate leagues with trades, keepers, and unique roster settings. Finally, a weekly stat explorer, providing you with all the information you need to make start/sit and streaming decisions, will be released every Wednesday during the NFL regular season.

Enjoy, good luck this season, and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a friendly email!

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