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Dave Caban

Dave is an Excel nerd and builder of the Draft/Research Dashboards. He focuses on implementing hours of reading, research and statistical analysis into providing well-thought out, intelligent, and streamlined fantasy football tools. Additionally, he is the founder of FFDRAFTPREP, a fantasy writer @RotoViz and co-host of the FFDRAFTPREP Fantasy Football Podcast.

Week 7: Re-Calibrating

Conor is back for this week’s episode of the FFDRAFTPREP Fantasy Football Podcast! We review NFL standings to re-calibrate any pre-conceived notions we headed into the season with, look at some redzone leaders and catch up on the quickly moving 2016 season.

FFDP: How to Analyze a Trade

In this episode of the FFDRAFTPREP Fantasy Football Podcast Dave runs through his philosophy on trading and breaks down how to determine if a trade is a good move for your team. Additionally, he walks listeners through a formula that they can use to help in the accept/reject process. The guys also manage the FFDP teams and review some season long RB and WR metrics such as points per opportunity, points per target, offensive market share percentages, and a hybrid workload/efficiency metric that Dave likes to look at.