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2016 cover

BN 4.99

Fantasy Football: What the Data Says About Winning in 2016, is your data-driven guide to preparing for the 2016 fantasy football season. In addition to including an overview of the author’s tried and true approach to finding long-term fantasy success, the book focuses on analyzing data from the most recent fantasy seasons in order to identify trends, pinpoint optimal strategies and provide owners with the information they’ll need heading into the coming season.

In what round of the draft does running back talent drop off? Do yards per carry matter? Are injury rates at the wide receiver position on the rise? How do I get the best return on my fantasy investments? Which players go over 25 points in a fourth of the games they play? Smart owners know the answers to these questions and recognize that the world of fantasy football is constantly changing. Don’t be left behind.

Author’s Note: 
Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there are a number of things you can do to become a better fantasy player. It all starts with doing the research, looking through the data and making well thought out and logically founded conclusions. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this book. Using data from the 2011 – 2015 seasons, we will identify shifts in the fantasy football landscape, find ways to exploit average draft position data, analyze each position in terms of return on investment, risk and a variety of other metrics. We’ll analyze correlations between real life statistics and fantasy point accumulation, develop a method for choosing which players to start and place our findings in the context of my broader fantasy strategy. There is no perfect fantasy football formula and even the best players lose their fair share of leagues. But after spending years doing countless hours of reading, research and statistical analysis, I have developed an approach to the game that has allowed me to find success a great deal more often than not. This book outlines some of the interesting discoveries I made while preparing for the 2016 fantasy football season and highlights the key data points I review every pre-season.

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FFDP 2016 Player Guide

BN 4.99

The 2016 FFDRAFTPREP Player Guide is your ultimate source for a succinct, to the point and data driven overview of the players you’ll be considering in 2016 fantasy football drafts.

Get ready to dominate the coming season and streamline your pre-season preparation! The FFDP Player Guide provides readers with a quick snapshot of the fantasy production that players have accumulated over the course of the last five seasons. An abundance of player profiles, including detailed statistical measures, breakdowns of per game and season long production, return on investment, and a variety of other key data points, coupled with our painstaking research make this guide an incredibly valuable tool. Equipped with commentary, grades and projections of ‘likely’ outcomes, the guide will prepare you to head into the 2016 season a smarter fantasy player and a well-informed drafter.

Take the first step toward a successful 2016 season and check it out today!

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For the Excel, interactive version, please see The Research Dashboard.


BN 4.99

Become a self-reliant fantasy player, separate yourself from the competition and learn how to position yourself for not only a rewarding 2015 but long-term fantasy football success.

Fantasy Football: Strategy and Preparation is a practical guide that provides readers with an efficient and streamlined approach to fantasy football. Utilizing a data-driven and analytical mindset, the book challenges the reader to rethink the game of fantasy football while providing a well thought out and holistic approach. The book focuses on streamlining pre-season preparation and highlights a number of mistakes that fantasy owners commonly make. Additionally, the book offers a heavy focus on both draft and in-season strategy. An emphasis is placed on managing risk, dealing with the unknown and positioning a team to face all challenges that will be thrown its way.

A variety of topics such as player evaluation, career progression and optimal roster construction are discussed. Anecdotes, visually pleasing graphs and concise analysis provide the reader with a new set of tools and road map to utilize for the any fantasy football season. Readers will not only be taught a variety of well researched lessons but will learn how to tailor their strategy to the specifics of the leagues in which they play.

Though the book takes an intelligent view of the game, it is a fun and enjoyable read that will for sure provide fantasy footballers with a focused strategy for the coming season and a new found appreciation for the game of fantasy football. If you’re looking to gain an edge over your friends, want to take your game to the next level or would like to analyze the game from a new perspective this guide is a great place to start. Great coaches work tirelessly to outthink their opponents. Take the first step towards doing the same and let Fantasy Football: Strategy and Preparation make you a smart, deliberate and dynamic fantasy owner.

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