The Draft Dashboard

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Drafting Will Never be the Same

The 2017 FFDraftPrep Draft Tool is a fully customizable, excel-based, fantasy drafting solution. Utilizing a streamlined interface, the Dashboard provides owners with all pertinent data needed to make efficient, effective and confident decisions. The tool capitalizes on a number of drafting concepts, such as positional scarcity and tier based player evaluation, to provide users with a personalized drafting experience, updating analysis with every pick. The 2017 release is especially exciting as it will be able to conduct full fledged mock drafts in which the computer will determine the players drafted by opposing teams.

Your League, Your Draft

The tool accommodates leagues consisting of 7 – 16 teams, both snake and NFL style drafts and supports traded picks and keepers. ADP data from a variety of sources is included as well as pre-defined player tiers, which can be modified based on user preferences. Both will update automatically every time the file is opened. Further, placeholders for three additional metrics, all of which can be modified are included. This allows owners to track the number of shares they have in a particular player, include rankings from their favorite site, indicate player age, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Stay Ahead of the Competition

The tool’s dashboard evolves as the draft progresses; allowing users to constantly monitor the ebb and flow of their draft. Owners can seamlessly toggle available players at each position, determine the number of players available within each tier and remain aware of the construction of their opponent’s rosters; anticipating their next move. Further, the tool provides a list of “Panic Picks” that owners can fall back on in the event they are caught off-guard. Team specific needs are identified and a scarcity analysis updates with every pick. All of this information is readily available and can be digested in seconds. Input of drafted players is a breeze simply click on his name and press the ‘Draft’ Button.

If you’re not using the Draft Dashboard… You’re not drafting…

For further information please check out the 2017 FFDP Draft Tool User Guide!

Key Notes

The draft tool is a sophisticated Excel-spreadsheet. The entirety of the tool is housed within Microsoft Excel. In order for all functionality to execute properly you will need to use a Windows based version of Excel 2010 or newer on a PC. The tool will not work on mobile versions of Excel. Feel to test the tool out on your mac but recognize that some of the features may not work.

  •  Accommodates leagues of 7 – 16 teams
  •  Both Snake and NFL Draft Orders
  •  Choose from a variety of sources for ADP Data
  •  Use our meticulously researched tiers or input your own
  •  Designate roster size/positions and team nicknames
  • Incorporate complex pre-draft trades
  • Designate keepers
  • No internet connection required
  • Save multiple versions and configure for multiple drafts
  • ADP and pre-populated FFDP tiers automatically update every time the file is opened
  • Perform full-fledged mock drafts against the computer!
  • Logic for 2-QB and Superflex leagues has been included in this year’s release

For an overview of how you can implement the tool’s functionality into your drafts please refer to this post!


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